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    "code": 101,
    "message": "Request is missing a required parameter."


Name Type Default
label String Required

Decriptive name to display in core. Example: HSBC Visa

first_name String Required

The first name of the card holder

last_name String Required

The last name of the card holder

card_number String Required

Credit card number

expiration_month Integer Required

Two digit month of the year. 01 for January, 12 for December

expiration_year Integer Required

Last two digits of the current year

set_active Boolean true

Set this card as your active card. This will cause all open/future invoices to autocharge to this card from now on

address_line1 String null

Billing address

address_line2 String null

Second line of billing address if needed

city String null

Billing address city

state String null

Billing address state or province

country String null

ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 country code of the billing address country

postal_code String null

Billing address postal code


Code Name
323 InvalidCreditCardNumber