**Note** You must have a credit card on file or available credits to use this functionality.


Name Type Default
type enum Required

License Type. Values can be: cloudlinux, cpanel, fanstastico, rvskin, softaculous, whmsonic, whmxtra

Values: cpanel, cloudlinux, fantastico, plesk, softaculous, whmsonic, whmxtra
cycle enum "monthly"

Billing cycle for the license. This varies per license. Please check for a price using licenses.pricing first to make sure the billing cycle is supported

Values: monthly, yearly, lifetime
ip string null

IPv4 Address. This value can be omitted for WHMXtra licenses as those are key based.

subtype string null


Code Name
317 InvalidIpAddress
5202 LicenseRequiresSubtype
5204 LicenseCycleOrTypeInvalid
5201 LicensePurchaseNoPaymentAvailable
2101 BillingChargeFailed
5203 LicensePurchaseFailedToLicense