This method provides an array of Base64 encoded statistical graph images.
If a daterange is not provided, the last 30 days are shown.


All graph types

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	"cuid": "V1"
	"code": 8000,
	"message": "VPS \"V1\" was not found."

Disk usage for one year

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	"cuid": "V1",
	"type": "vps_disk",
	"date_range": [
	"code": 314,
	"message": "Input validation error: \"vps_disk\" is not a valid ENUM. Acceptable values: all, cpu, memory, disk, diskio, bandwidth"


Name Type Default
cuid cuid[Vps] Required
type enum "all"
Values: all, cpu, memory, disk, diskio, bandwidth
date_range daterange null


Code Name
8000 VpsNotFound